Easy Secure

Easy Secure GPS Security Tracking devices made for bikes (Two wheelers),car (Four wheelers), Fleet tracking, Mobile Tracking, Home security and Personal security is made on advanced and latest technology. These devices will help you to track live in a map. If anyone trying to touch or stole your bike car,bus,truck etc then you will get an SMS alert and you can switch off your bike engine just by sending SMS to your instrument Security system.

In core , by installing Two Wheeler or four wheeler Anti theft GPS tracking device, you will get an immediate alert SMS if your bike or car is stolen. This is all in one tracking device , You will be getting information about your bike or car to your mobile on ignition detection, movement detection, SMS alert on bike theft, you can switch Off engine via mobile phone, GPS Vehicle location identification via SMS (GPRS enabled Sim) on mobile phone, GSM location updates and Tilting Alert.