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Easy Secure is a one stop solution to keep your Two wheeler,Four Wheeler,Fleet,bus and personal data safe. We provides GPS Trackers, GPS Locator, GPS vehicle tracking Devices, GPS Device for Two wheelers and four wheelers and Real Time Vehicle Tracking and security devices.

Two Wheeler Tracking

Track all your employees having two wheelers or your son who drives a two wheeler with GPS trackers.

Four Wheeler Tracking

If you love your car track 24*7 and keep it safe

Home Security

Protect your home with our advanced security alarm systems.

Personal Tracking

In this feature Personal GPS Tracking Devices for Kids, Girls and loved ones can be used

Mobile Tracking

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Cell Phones and Tablets. Turn a cell phone or tablet into a real-time GPS tracker

School Bus Tracking

Save time, money and ensure safety with real-time school bus tracking system

College Bus Tracking

Easy Secure Real Time Multifunctional GPS Vehicle Tracking System is used to track College buses/van

Heavy Vehicle Tracking

Get all information regarding fleet management tracking on your fingertips.

Do You love your vehicle

let's make it theft proof!!


  • Ignition Detection
  • Movement Detection
  • Location Identifying
  • SMS Alert on Vehicle theft
  • Engine On/OFF via Mobile
  • Lock and Unlock
  • Tilting alert
  • Sms alert


  • Location Tracking
  • Emergency stop
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Real time GPS traking
  • Vehicle Immobilization
  • Speed alert/ Top Speed alert
  • AC info
  • Sudden braking alert
  • Rash driving


  • Theft alert
  • Emergency stop
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Real time GPS traking
  • via mobile app
  • Speed alert
  • AC info
  • Fence alert
  • Rush driving
  • Sms based
  • Service info
  • Route Diversion alerts
  • Fuel related alerts
  • Air pressure alerts.

Easy Secure came up with many Innovative, Attractive & Useful Features

India's No.1 GPS Tracking Device Provider for Two Wheeler,Four Wheeler,Fleet Management,Bus tracking.

  • Live Tracking is an unique and innovative software feature that comes standard with Tracking Genie devices. This feature enables our customers to be see their vehicle move live on the map in real time. This feature is extremely handy for fleet managers and individual vehicle owners as this helps them keep an close eye on the vehicle to avoid abuse.
  • Discover how vehicle tracking can help reduce your fuel bills. Measure private & business mileage, identify MPG inefficiency, reduce excessive idling and eliminate fuel abuse to greatly reduce your fuel costs.
  • If any one try to remove your sim card and insert a new sim then automatically. you will receive an Alert message from the new sim inserted by unknown person.
  • To activate the above mention services the following things are recommended.
  • A)  You should have pattern lock/password lock on your mobile.
    B)   you have to turn on the location in order to get the location of your phone.

Our Easy-Secure App is user-friendly Android Applicatoin is Coming Soon-